2010 Seychelles’ trip

Author : Touitou David, 28 April 2010

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We flought strait to Mahé, Seychelles in the end of march 2010 for a 20 days rest in one of the last exotic paradise on earth. We stayed mostly on Praslin and 3 days on the so quiet island named La Digue. Seychelles remain a wonderful country for family holidays as dangers are really rare there : no snake, no dangerous animal, no main marine danger,… well you can take rest with your childrens and go swimming almost everywhere !

Seychelles are also a very good spot to observe shells. Many shell families are represented there, just like in the entire Indian Ocean though. Very few endemic marine shells occurs. We can name the rare Cypraea hirundo francisca for example.

During our stay we manage to go snorkeling enough to see a lot of marine life and many shell species. As I am mainly interested in cone shells, I brang back some cone shell images for you !


 Cone shells represented in the slideshow : Conus legatus, Conus episcopatus, Conus bandanus, Conus striatus, Conus arenatus, Conus canonicus, Conus geographus, Conus catus, Conus aulicus, Conus legatus, Conus episcopatus, Conus canonicus, Conus vexillum & Conus litoglyphus.

We manage to find also shells from other families :