Back from 19 days in the Seychelles

Author : David Touitou, 2011



These 19 days spent in the Seychelles with my family allowed me to seek for shells again. That's always an extreme pleasure to flip dead coral plates (and flip them back) in order to find THE GREAT shell… Personnally as I collect mainly cones, I spend most of my snorkeling and scuba' time looking under stones, dead corals and boulders. This time again was able to find some interesting specimens and here are images of local live seashells !


As you can see below, a lot of places shall be visited… and so many dead coral plates to flip…


Here is a big Conus episcopatus !!



Here is a Cypraea caurica trying to hide fron day light !



Here is a big Conus canonicus resting…



Another Conus canonicus… we can see part of the syphon.



Here is Conus bandanus :



One of my favourate cone shell specie : Conus episcopatus. There triangles are often wide ! Here you can see the animal.



This time it's two specimens of Conus canonicus hidding under the same dead coral plate !



And here is the quite uncommon Conus pennaceus (reef specimen) :



Conus gubernator with it's yellowish and transparent periostracum :



Here is the very nice Conus legatus from deeper water :



Another specimen of Conus pennaceus from 17m of water :



The rare and beautiful Conus omaria :



Another big specimen of Conus episcopatus :



And so many reefs to discover…