Trip To Marco Island (Florida)

Author : Anthony (, 2003


Just a week ago i came back from Marco Island Florida and i collected over 100 shells.
Iall found them while snorkeling from 3 to 5 feet of water and most of them are gem. I found :

7 alphabet cones (Conus spurius 65mm-26mm),
33 fighting conchs (Strombus alatus 127mm-26mm),
2 Crown Conchs (Melongena corona 65mm-50mm),
1 horse conch (Pleuroploca gigantea 50mm),
4 Banded Tulips (Fasciolaria lilium lilium 76mm-26mm),
11 Lighting Whelks (Busycon sinistrum 88mm-38mm),
3 North Atlantic Whelks (Busycon carica 165mm-127mm),
2 Worm shells (Vermicularia knorri 26mm-12mm),
12 Lettered Olives (Oliva sayana 88mm-38mm),
2 Apple Murex (Chicorus pomum 50mm-38mm),
11 Augers (Terebra protexta 38mm-12mm),
1 Nutmeg (Cancellaria reticulata 12mm),
1 Striate Bubble (Bulla striata 19mm).

Pictures are being taken of these shells and will be sent to the site ASAP for everyones enjoyment.

Other shells and sealife that i have include: 1 Tiger Cowrie, 1 Cameo (helmet), 3 Dog Conch, 1 Bat Volute, 1 Diana Conch, 3 Strawberry Conchs, 1 Silver Lip Conch, Spider Conch, 4 Top Shells, 2 Screw Turitella, 1 pink conch, 8 sand dollars, 3 sea urchins, 2 limpets, and 2 Starfish.

This is the beach I went to it was called Keewaydin Island. (very nice).