Live Cypraea niger from New-Caledonia and their camouflage

Author : Jean André Detterer


Bonjour de Nelle-Calédonie,


Amateur de porcelaines nigers et rostrées voici quelques photos prises dans leur biotope naturel.

Ces coquilles ont été trouvées sur des récifs devant Nouméa sur des fonds ne dépassant 3 metres.

Cyp. eglantina / Cyp. stolida / Cyp. helvola

Seeing a niger cowrie is rather easy because the intense glossy black contrasts with the surrounding colors.But it's very difficult to find C. Stolida whose pale yellow mantle blends with its natural habitat.It's necessary to have well-trained eyes, especially for this one..

Just on top

After undressing

The first in the middle, the second perpendicular

The biggest after half-undressing We distinguish only the rear for the second
one always fully covered due to bad photo centring (in the middle below)

Fully black in its hiding place

Walk out its hole